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How To Clean Your Bag-Less Vacuum Cleaner

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Bag-less vacuum cleaners have been around for awhile and work very well. Numerous brands sell their vacuums with the bag-less options, as finding those old vacuum bags to fit your particular brand of vacuum was sort of a pain. While throwing out the old bag and replacing it with a new one was the way to clean those older vacuums, bag-less vacuums require a little more TLC. Some people don't even realize how to clean their bag-less vacuums. See below for some tips on how to clean yours.

Cleaning Your Bag-less Vacuum

  1. Begin by taking apart your canister and emptying out the contents in the garbage. Use a rag or paper towel to get the stubborn dirt and dust that sticks to the bottom and around the filter. 
  2. Once you have most of the larger particles of dirt and dust, rinse the canister out with warm water. Be sure to take off the filter attachment prior to rinsing the canister. 
  3. Clean any excess dirt or dust off of the filter, and then check the manufacturer directions to see if you can clean the filter with water. If you can, rinse it with warm water and set it aside in your drying rack to dry for at least 24 hours.
  4. Now that your canister and filter are taken off, check all of your hoses for built up dirt or blockages. Check the hose attachment and the hose at the bottom of your vacuum, where the spinning bristles are located.
  5. Some bag-less vacuums may have more than one filter, like the Dyson vacuums. This filter may be located at the base of your vacuum and is a filter for your hose attachment. Clean off any excess dirt from this filter. Again, check your manufacturer directions first before rinsing it with warm water. Set it aside to dry as well.
  6. Finally, check your spinning bristle bar for buildup. You may have hair or carpet strings wrapped around your bristle bar. You can use scissors to remove the string and hair. Inspect the bristles to be sure they are intact and that the bar isn't damaged.
  7. Allow your vacuum parts to all dry for at least 24 hours before putting it back together and using your vacuum.

Cleaning your bag-less vacuum isn't an ideal chore, but how clean is your house if you are cleaning it with a filthy vacuum? Cleaning your vacuum will help your vacuum work more efficiently, and with the best possible suction, to make your home cleaner. Contact a dirt devil vacuum repair company for more information.