Raccoon Removal Tips And Tricks

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Are You Expecting A Grandchild? 3 Reasons Why A Lampe Berger Oval Gift Set Is Perfect For New Parents

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Life with a new baby is amazing, and being a grandparent means that you get to spoil the new parents along with the little one. While most new baby gifts tend to center upon the layette and essential newborn gear, you’ve got a chance to make the new parents in your life feel extra pampered. Over the next few months, they’ll have beautiful moments that are often mixed with a few baby-related messes. Read More»

Radon In Your Home? Everything You Need To Know

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Radon is a gas that is usually found in soil or in the air outside. It can seep into your home from the soil in the ground below it. When it seeps into your home, the levels can be high enough that they can cause health problems for you and your family. Radon can be dangerous at high levels. It can cause lung cancer from breathing in the gas in excessive amounts, and it can eventually lead to death. Read More»

Real Or Faux | What You Need To Know About Wood Floors

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Wood floors are a popular flooring choice and have been for hundreds of years. With the advent of modern technology, however, engineered wood floors are also an attractive possibility. While both work well, it is important to know the differences between real wood flooring and engineered wood floors to make the best decision for your home.  Durability Both hardwoods and engineered wood floors are durable choices that will last a long time. Read More»