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Different Shutters For Different Rooms

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All interior shutters are not created equally. If you love the look of shutters and would like this look to continue into all areas of your home, you can work with different types to best suit your needs. There are various types of shutters that can add different functionality depending on the space. Here are the most common areas in your home and the type of shutter that would best complement the space.


Kitchens deal with a lot of internal elements such as steam, heat, grease and smoke. It is a good idea to go with a product that isn't going to absorb smells or warp. A synthetic shutter, such as aluminum or vinyl, is sturdy enough for the kitchen and will not require much repair or repainting. Make sure that your kitchen shutters are going to be durable enough for your needs.

Living Room

The living room most likely will be the area to keep out the cold and protect furniture from sunlight. A natural wood shutter is a great way to keep a classic look while at the same time have the functionality to protect your home from the elements. The living room usually has the most window space to work with and should showcase the nicest shutters in your home if possible.

Bedroom and Bathroom

In areas of the home that you might want more privacy, opt for thinner paneled shutters. This will help achieve the same look, but with a little more separation from the outdoors. These shutters can still block out the view from outside when completely shut, helping with light control in the bedroom. If an area needs a bit more concealment, a light curtain can be hung over shutters for another layer of protection.


Hallways with windows are spaces that should let in light, but might not have the space for swinging shutters. Hinged shutters are a perfect look for these types of areas. The hinged midpoint will keep shutters from opening wide and keep them out of the way of walkways when opened.

If you are hoping to add the look of shutters to your home, remember that different areas of your home will have different needs. Assessing the functionality of shutters and the needs of different spaces will help you decide on the best options for your home. You can easily use different types of shutters throughout your home and still maintain a unified look. Contact a window covering specialist, like The Blind and Drapery Corner, for more information about the shutters that will work best in your home.