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3 Simple Steps To End The Rodent Infestation In Your Home Once And For All

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Nothing is more unnerving than listening to rodents chewing inside of your home's walls. Not only does the noise keep you awake, but also rodents can cause serious structural damage to your home and illness to your family. The good news is that there are three concrete steps you can take that can end a rodent infestation.

Step 1 - Remove All Camouflage Opportunities

Since rodents have many natural predators, they prefer to travel at night when they can move about under the cover of darkness. Additionally, rodents prefer to run along fences, wires, or buildings that are covered in vegetation. Due to these natural habits, you must remove all of the vegetation that allows the rats and mice to hide in your yard.

You can accomplish this by removing all vegetation growing:

  • on a fence
  • at the base of a fence
  • on the ground
  • at the base of your house

In addition, you should remove any vegetation that is growing around telephone poles or other structures leading to overhead wires. Rodents are very skilled at the high-wire act and will happily move along wires when they get the opportunity to climb onto one.

You also need to remove any trash, wood, or large items which might be leaning against the side of your home's exterior. The rodents will hide under those items as well.

Step 2 - Block All Entrance Points Into Your House

Rats and mice are opportunists. They are much more likely to enter through an existing hole in your home's exterior, rather than chewing their way in. The chances are very good that if you have a rodent problem, then you have holes on the outside of your home that are allowing them access. 

To solve your rodent problem, you need to fill all holes where the rodents are entering. Simply covering any holes with chicken wire will not work because small rodents can fit through the holes. You should cover the areas with a solid metal or hardware cloth.

Step 3 - Call a Professional Exterminator

Once you have blocked any entrance areas and have removed any overgrowth, then it is time to call in a professional exterminator to finish eradicating the rodents from your living space. While you may believe in trapping the rodents and relocating them in a local field, you should know that this generally leads to a longer, more cruel death. When you move mice or rats to a new location, they are not able to find food and often die from starvation.

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