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Dos And Don'ts Of Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Appliances

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Looking to upgrade to some shiny stainless steel appliances in your home? If so--then whether it be a refrigerator, oven, dish washer, clothes washer, or anything in between--it's important that you understand how to care for and clean your new stainless steel appliances. This way, you can keep them looking great for many years to come while keeping them free of unsightly smudges and streaks. 

DO Use a Microfiber Cloth

Stainless steel is known for its durability, but the fact remains that it's still quite prone to scratches and other damage if you're not careful. To avoid accidentally scratching the surface of the stainless steel while cleaning, always be sure to use a microfiber cloth (the same type you'd use to wash your car) when cleaning stainless steel. Never use steel wool or a regular dish sponge on your stainless steel, as doing so can not only cause small scratches to form, but also can make the appliance more susceptible to rust and other damage over time. When cleaning, always rub in the direction of the steel grain--not against it.

DO Dry Thoroughly After Cleaning

After you've cleaned off your stainless steel, use a dry and clean microfiber towel or rag to dry your appliance off. This should be done in the same manner as the appliance was cleaned (rubbing the cloth in the direction of the steel grain). Doing so will help to reduce any chances of rust or corrosion while also eliminating the unsightly appearance of any water spots that would otherwise appear once the water dried naturally. Drying in the direction of the steel grain can also help to reduce streaks.

DON'T Use an Abrasive Cleaner

Finally, always be careful with what you use to clean your stainless steel. If possible, use a store-bought cleaner that's specifically designed for use on stainless steel. Never use bleach (or any cleaning solution that contains bleach) on your stainless steel appliances, as this can stain and damage the surface. Typically, a glass cleaner or even a small amount of gentle dish soap and warm water is enough to remove smudges and keep your stainless steel appliances looking like new.

Cleaning your stainless steel appliances and keeping them smudge-free will take diligence on your part. However, by keeping these important dos and don'ts in mind, you can avoid accidentally damaging your new appliances down the road and keep them looking like new.

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