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Selecting The Right Fabric For Your Drapes

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Drapery can be made out of all sorts of materials and not all are created equally. Drapes are exposed to a lot of sunlight, can become snagged when you regularly draw them and can become covered in dust. Therefore, you will need to choose drapes with both durability and appearance in mind:

Fabric Patterns

Fortunately, there is an enormous world of fabrics you can choose from. Therefore, you are bound to find something that you like. In addition to the material the fabric is made from, you can choose from a range of colors and patterns.

Patterned drapery can be useful if the rest of the room is more minimalist. It is best to visit a linen store and look at the variety of patterns available to find one that speaks to you. Also, decide on whether you prefer twill, plain, damask or satin weaves.


Sunlight will gradually damage fabrics. While this can happen to all fabrics, silk is the most vulnerable. Therefore, if you choose silk for your drapes, this will be in exchange for longevity. However, faux silk has a lot of durability and all of the benefits. Faux silk, linen and velvet hang the best.

The durability of the drapery is also based on the thread count. The higher the thread count, the longer the drapes will usually last. Drapery with a higher thread count is similar to the fabrics that are used to make clothes.

Lightweight Curtains

Fabrics that are lightweight are a good option for drapes if you are not concerned with blocking very much sunlight. Lightweight fabrics can give a home an airy feel and are great for rooms that otherwise do not get a lot of natural light. If you want the look of lightweight curtains, but also want more light blocked, consider layering your curtain with light and heavy fabrics.

Heavy Curtains

Heavier curtains will not only keep out the maximum amount of light, but also prevent heat from entering the room. During the winter, close these drapes and they will keep heat from escaping. However, if the fabrics are too heavy, they will not fold well when they are drawn.

However, in a bedroom, you will almost always need heavy drapery to create a blackout that will allow you to sleep. One alternative is to get blinds and to then get accent drapery that is lightweight and is for decorative purposes. Regardless of what you choose, if it helps you choose your ultimate goals, it is a good choice.

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