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2 Uses For Shelving Units In Your Home

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If you have some polymer shelving units, you can use them for many things. Below are five things you may not have thought of to put your shelving to good use.

Grow Flowers

If you do not have enough sunlight in your home but love flowering houseplants, you can put fluorescent lighting on the shelves to give the needed light to your flowers. Grow lights can be simple fluorescent shop lights. They give the flowers photosynthesis that can mimic the sun. Of course, the sun is the best source of light for your flowers, but it is not always available.

You can find these lights at most home supply stores.  Fluorescent lights that are 20 to 40 watts placed about 12 inches above the plant works well for regular sized African violets. If you have miniatures, however, the lights should be a little closer. If the miniature violets are mixed in with the regular sized, you can put them on something to lift them up to the light, such as a plastic flowerpot turned upside down.

When you purchase the fluorescent shop lights, they will come with chains attached to them, along with some s-hooks to attach to the end of the chains, which allow you to suspend the lights from the shelf over the flowers. You can place the shelving unit in your laundry room, kitchen, basement, or anywhere else you want to grow your flowers.

Divide a Room

If your kitchen and dining room are all one room, you can use a shelving unit to divide them. Purchase more than one to put side by side to make the divider larger. You can also use the shelving unit to store things from your kitchen, such as stack plates, bowls, glasses, that are easily reachable from the dining room. With this divider in place, you can sit down and enjoy time with your guests without having the kitchen in full view.

You may want to consider painting the shelving unit if you cannot find it in a color to go well with your kitchen.  If you do not want the things you put on the shelving unit visible, you can purchase some wicker baskets to put things in. Paint the baskets the same color of the shelving unit, or a coordinating color to give it some style.

As you can see, you can use shelving units in different ways around your home. Think of some other creative ways you can use them in other rooms, such as your bathroom, bedroom, and more.