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Tips For Adding Privacy To French Doors

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Exterior French patio doors offer an easy attractive way to combine your indoor and outdoor living spaces. But even if your backyard has a fence, you might one day decide those doors need a bit of extra privacy added so neighbors can't see into your home. There are a few ways you can add that privacy without losing any of the functionality or sunlight that the doors provide.

Roman Blinds 

Roman blinds, also called roman shades, are fabric curtains that fold up with the pull of a cord. A wide variety of fabrics can be used -- and the possibilities are endless if you know how to operate a sewing machine.

When choosing roman blinds for your French doors, you first want to make sure the blinds are long enough to cover the entire glass section of the door. Choose blinds that aren't lined. A home decor fabric on its own will provide some added privacy without compromising the sunlight coming through the doors.

If you have small children or pets, look for blinds that are cordless. Those blinds do still have a cord, but it's tucked inside the fabric with only the pull mechanism sticking out. This prevents children and pets from becoming wrapped up in the cord and getting strangled. 

The downside of roman blinds is that finding a size that fits your doors can become quite costly particularly if the doors are unusually tall or wide.

Frost Spray

A cheaper alternative to roman blinds can be found at the local craft store. Look for frost spray that's safe to use on glass. Pick up a large self-adhesive stencil and/or painter's tape while you're at the store.

Affix the stencil to the glass or use painter's tape to mark out a simple striped pattern. Use the frost spray as directed across the glass sections of both doors. Allow the spray to dry before trying to remove the stencil or painter's tape.

If any of the frost spray bled under the stencil or tape, it's simple to do a bit of cleanup. Dip a small paintbrush into paint remover and brush directly over the unwanted spray. It should come right off.

Wide Curtains

This option only works if you want the doors completely uncovered during the day and completely covered at night.

Install a curtain rod that's a few inches wider on each side than the top of the doors. Choose curtains, like those from Brandt's Interiors & Workroom, that will completely cover the doors when closed but that don't quite reach the floor. During the day, you can scoot the curtain panels all the way to the sides and out of the way of the doors.