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3 Tips To Keep Your Aluminum Storefront Looking Great

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If you have recently had an aluminum storefront installed on your commercial building, then you are probably thrilled with the way that it looks. This means that you probably want to take the best possible care of it so that it will continue looking great for a long time and so that it will serve as an attractive face for your business.

Luckily, one of the main benefits of an aluminum storefront is the fact that it's easy to take care of. If you follow these maintenance tips, you shouldn't have to worry about your storefront looking less than its best.

1. Use a Pressure Washer

Since aluminum storefronts are so easy to take care of, you'll probably be pleased to find that you can do most of your cleaning with a pressure washer. Simply use moderate pressure and spray your storefront from the top to the bottom. If you do this regularly, it should be a breeze to get rid of mild to moderate dirt and stains without having to use any additional cleaning agents. It's also smart to spray off your building after periods of snow, ice or heavy rain; then, you can get rid of the acid and other potentially harmful ingredients before they can cause rust or corrosion.

2. Use a Solvent

If there are particularly stubborn stains on your aluminum storefront or if you are trying to get rid of wax or other residue, then you should look for a solvent that is designed for use on aluminum. Make sure that you follow the directions on the bottle, and use only a small amount in an inconspicuous area so that staining will not be obvious if it does happen to occur. By getting rid of stains and sticky residue as quickly as possible, you don't have to worry about them getting any worse.

3. Shield it From the Sun

If you have a bright- or dark-colored aluminum storefront, then you might be worried about it fading from the sunlight. One good option is to add an awning to the top of your building; then, you can help prevent your storefront from becoming faded by the sun. Plus, your customers are sure to enjoy the shade that is provided by your awning.

One of the main things that you might love about your aluminum storefront is the fact that it's easy to take care of, but it does require some maintenance. Luckily, if you follow these tips, it should be super easy to keep your storefront looking great. For more information on aluminum storefronts, visit sites like http://glasshopperaurora.com