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About Getting More Efficiency From A Central Air Conditioning System

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A home with an inefficient central air conditioning system can be a money drainer during the warm seasons of the year when it is used the most. You can get more efficiency from your air conditioner if you get a few of the vital parts inspected and repaired. Find out below about the parts of an air conditioning system that can help with keeping your house cooler if they are in good shape, as well as what a repair may cost.

What is the Most Vital Part of an Air Conditioner for Cooling a House?

It is important for the evaporator coil to be in top shape if you want to get the most efficiency from the air conditioner. The coil must not have any cracks in it because air can seep out as it travels through. It is also important for the evaporator to not have a lot of dirt on it. Dirt can pose an efficiency problem because it interferes with air touching the metal coil by acting as an insulator.

Basically, the evaporator coil is where the system coolant is transformed into gas form. The gas makes the metal of the coil cold enough to cool down warm air as it flows through the air ducts. You can get the coil cleaned by a professional to see if it will lead to more system efficiency. However, sometimes an insufficient amount of air can stem from a problem with the heat pump.

How Can a Heat Pump Affect an Air Conditioning System?

The heat pump is an important part of your air conditioner because it is able to send warm air out of the house. If the heat pump motor accumulates too much dirt on it, the motor in it can stall and cause system inefficiency. Rainwater can also freeze the heat pump up on a cold day, which can be fixed by hiring a professional to thaw it out.

The heat pump brings cool air in your home from the outside as it sends warm air out. Although the evaporator coil is the main way that your air conditioner produces cold air, you will notice a difference in efficiency if the heat pump is malfunctioning.

You can get your air conditioner repaired for up to $900. Get in touch with an air conditioning repair specialist so he or she can perform an inspection to find out what can be done to make your system more efficient!