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Five Space-Saving Tips For Loading Your Car For An Upcoming Move

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Moving by car can save money and help reduce some of the work involved with moving since you will not need to make plans with movers or truck rental companies. While moving by car has plenty of benefits, you could end up frustrated by problems arising if you do not carefully plan out how to pack. The following tips can all help ensure that your car fits everything you need and is organized enough for a safe drive to your new home.

Visit the USPS for Shipping Books

If you have books that you will be packing, you likely already know just how heavy they can be and the difficulty that arises while trying to find a convenient space for them to be placed in the car. Instead of bringing them along for the drive, look into shipping through the United States Postal Service. In fact, you can use Media Mail to affordably ship the books to your new address before taking off.

Try Using Compressed Bags for Clothing

It is common to fill trash bags with clothing when moving, but this can end up taking up more space than you may like. Instead, look into using compressed bags for your clothes to be stuffed into. These bags do not need a vacuum to suck the air out, but can still flatten enough to take up a lot less space in the car.

Dismantle Furniture If Possible

Bringing furniture is generally not recommended if you are moving by car, but there may be a few things that you can fit by disassembling. When disassembling any furniture, make sure to include instructions for assembling again and keep screws and other tools in a bag nearby.

Get Creative When Loading Car

When loading the car, it is good to have a plan and be ready to make adjustments before taking off. You do not want to have the back window obstructed or anything in the front that could roll by your feet, so you will need to move things around before you are satisfied with placement.

Safely Put Some Items on Top of the Car

For larger pieces of furniture, you can usually store them carefully on the top of the car. Making sure that they are secure with plenty of rope is important so that they do not become loose while on the road.

As you prepare for an upcoming move, you will need to make your plans with the mode of transportation in mind. By planning the move with your car and the amount of space it offers, you can safely move without any issues. 

Of course, you may find that you are not able to fit everything in your own car. If this is the case, contact a local moving company like Midway Moving & Storage