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Spice Up Your Living Room On The Cheap

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Your living room is a great place to start when redecorating your home, especially if it's the place your guests see most often. Giving your living room a fresh look doesn't have to take a lot of money; here are some tips for spicing up the room without paying an arm and a leg. 

Rearrange Existing Items Artfully

Redecorating doesn't always require you to buy new items. Consider rearranging the items that are already in the room. For instance, you might want to group the items based on similar colors to create a more cohesive look. Or you could place the items at interesting angles to make the clusters themselves look interesting. 

Learn How to Buy Cheap Decor

There is some great, cheap home decor for sale if you look carefully. When choosing affordable pieces, remember that it may be much cheaper to frame portraits and photographs on your own. The decor will also look more elegant if there is a clear color and texture scheme, with two or three colors and textures reused throughout the room. You can find discounted decor for sale at online outlets and local warehouses. 

Get a Plant

Plants are a great way to add spice to your room; they can take up a lot of space while adding visual contrast. Some homeowners are wary about having to take care of plants, but if you choose a healthy-looking succulent you may only have to water it once a week. 

Decorate with Everyday Items

It's also helpful to note that you don't need to only decorate with items that are specifically used for decoration. For instance, if you have a colorful set of books, this can be a great centerpiece on your mantel. Old trunks and trinkets can add visual interest when laid out on a table. 

Repaint the Walls

Finally, you might consider repainting the room's walls for an immediate change of pace. Going from a bright color to a muted one, or vice versa, will change the feel of the room and the way objects interact with the room. Note that if you're going from a very dark color to a lighter color, you might want to place a white primer coat down to create a fresh palette before painting. 

These ideas are only a start when redecorating your living room on a budget. They show that it doesn't matter how much money you spend; if you can take the time to carefully pick each new item and recycle items where possible, it's easier to create a fresh new space without losing your wallet.