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Winterizing Your Rainwater-Fed Lawn Sprinkler System

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Any outdoor appliance, pipe, or tank that contains water is at risk of damage in the winter months, since the water inside these appliances can freeze and cause cracks or other issues. One system that can be particularly tricky to winterize is a lawn sprinkler system that is fed by rainwater, since this system consists of two major potential points of failure that can be damaged by freezing water. Here are some tips for making sure this important system doesn't resurface in spring as a cracked mess. 

Blast Your Sprinklers

Getting all of the water out of your sprinklers themselves can be a costly task if you choose to outsource the project, but you can do it yourself with few tools and only a couple hours or so of your time. In order to get this done, use an air compressor hooked up to your sprinkler system's blow out port. Then, using your normal sprinkler controls, open and close each zone of your system, blowing compressed air through each zone. This will allow you to effectively and completely rid your system of residual water which would otherwise freeze and damage your sprinklers. 

Empty or Heat Your Rainwater Collection Tank

If your lawn sprinkler system is the only thing running off your rainwater collection system, then you can simply drain out this system at the beginning of winter to keep the water inside from damaging it. However, if other parts of your home need to run off of your collection tank or system, then there will need to be some kind of heating system near the collection tank to keep it from freezing if it's above ground. If your tank is below ground, then the decision to heat or not to heat becomes more nuanced due to the phenomenon of the frost line, which can affect the amount of effort you'll have to put in to keep your sprinkler system safe. 

Check Your Frost Line

The frost line is pretty consistent with respect to latitude, and many maps are available to help you figure out just how far the freeze gets into the ground around you. If your tank or piping for your rainwater collection system lies underneath the frost line, then you should take measures to keep these fixtures from freezing if they need to have water in them over the winter. Some convenient options to achieve this goal include wrapping the pipes in insulating tape or foam which will help to protect them from the elements. You can read more online or visit a local home and garden center for more information.