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4 Awesome Uses For Sand In Landscaping

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When it comes to landscaping your yard, sand is an excellent material to use. Sand looks great, it is soft to walk on, and is very versatile. If you would love to use sand as part of your landscaping, but aren't exactly sure where to put it, then this article will help you out. It will discuss 4 awesome uses for sand in landscaping. 


An excellent location to place sand is all along the pathways in your yard. If you use some type of barrier on either side of the pathway, whether it be grass, metal siding, railroad ties, etc., then the sand will stay in place well. You can also choose sands that come in a variety of colors if you have a certain color in mind. Mixing the sands along the pathway is also a fun idea that can look really cool and unique.

Volleyball Pit

If you have a sporty family that really enjoys a good outdoor sport, then you can use the sand to create a volleyball pit in your backyard. The sand is perfect for volleyball because it is fairly soft to fall on, and feels good on your feet. Just as in any other location where you decide to use sand, you are going to want to be sure to place landscape fabric underneath it. This stops weeds from growing up through the sand and can save you a lot of work. 

Play Areas

Sand is also excellent to use in areas where your children are going to be playing. This is the spot where you will likely place a swing set, a trampoline, etc. Since this area is going to receive a lot of traffic, it is a good idea to avoid using grass because it will get pretty beat up. Sand is durable, long-lasting, safe for your children to play on, and will once again stay in place if it has some type of barrier around it's parameter. 

Flower and Plant Beds 

Rather than using the traditional dirt or wood chips in your plant beds, you can make things a bit more fun and unique by using sand instead. Your plants will still have all of the soil they need underneath, and the sand will simply create a top layer of sand on top of the landscape fabric. Sand is great for absorbing excess water which can help with flooding in your plant beds when it rains or when you accidentally over-water them.

Talk to a local sand provider, such as Burien Bark LLC, to move along with these plans.