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How To Adjust The Length And Width Of Bamboo Blinds

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If you plan to buy window blinds, consider bamboo blinds. Bamboo blinds add privacy as well as natural beauty to your window with their raw appearance. Bamboo blinds are Japanese window coverings constructed from woven bamboo shafts that have been whittled, stripped, and sanded. However, you may find the blinds you bought are too short or too wide for your window, or you want to transfer blinds you already have to another window. Here are some tips to trim the length or width of bamboo blinds.

Gather Tools and Measure

For this project, you need:

  • work gloves
  • safety glasses
  • pencil and note pad
  • tape measure
  • screwdriver
  • masking tape
  • rubber bands or heavy string
  • metal snips
  • hack saw
  • bamboo blinds

Choose an outside mount or inside mount, and write down all measurements. To shorten the length of the blinds for an inside mount, measure the length including the window sill. To shorten the length of the blinds for an outside mount, measure to where you want the blinds to fall.

To adjust the width for an inside mount, measure the window frame at the interior edge at the top, middle, and bottom, then note the smallest figure. To adjust width for an outside mount, measure the width of the window frame, and add two inches so the blinds extend over the frame to ensure privacy. 

Shorten the Length of the Blinds

If the blinds are already attached to a window, close them, snap off any end caps, and loosen the screws with a screwdriver to remove the blinds. Roll the blinds out on a flat surface, transfer the measurements to the blinds on each side, and draw a cut line with the pencil. Place masking tape right above the cut line adding four inches to prevent damage to slats or unraveling while you work. 

Add another piece of masking tape over this line. Cut across the width of the blinds with the metal snips keeping under the bottom piece of masking tape. Peel the tape off, and remove slats until you reach the new length. Replace damaged slats, and reattach the end caps.

Shorten the Width of the Blinds

Roll the blinds securely over the head rail, remove end caps, and cover the ends three or four times with masking tape to prevent chipping. Wrap heavy string or rubber bands over the center to hold it in place while you cut. Mark the width on the blinds at each end, and cut along the marks and lower rail with the hacksaw. Check to ensure the slats are even, and replace end caps.

​Adjusting the length and width of bamboo blinds you already have or adjusting purchased blinds is more cost-effective than custom-made blinds. If you prefer custom-made blinds designed to fit your window, visit a home and garden center. Contact a company like F & R Interiors for more information.