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3 Creative Ways To Create An Outdoor Awning

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Having access to an outdoor living space can increase the amount of room you have to entertain guests. Unfortunately, direct sunlight can make it difficult to comfortably use your outdoor patio space. Adding an awning is a simple way to provide your guests with the shade needed to fully enjoy your outdoor entertainment area.

Here are three creative ideas you can use when you are attempting to add an awning to your patio in the future.

1. Use unexpected materials when creating your own awning.

If you want your outdoor living space to be both functional and stylish, it can be helpful to turn to unexpected materials for your shade needs. Instead of installing a traditional fabric awning, opt to construct an awning that features room dividers instead.

Room dividers can be extremely decorative, and having an awning made from two or more room dividers nailed down to a simple frame can help you create a stylish entertainment space that your guests will enjoy spending time in.

2. Repurpose outdoor architectural elements.

Finding new ways to use discarded architectural elements is a great way to reduce the amount of garbage created by homeowners. If you are looking for a way to add some shade to your patio without increasing your environmental footprint, you may want to invest in some old shutters.

Shutters designed to cover exterior windows can easily be repurposed into an awning for your outdoor living space. By constructing a simple frame from reclaimed lumber and nailing the shutters to the top of the frame, you create an awning that won't contribute to the overcrowding of landfills.

3. Allow your awning to extend to create an outdoor room.

If you are looking to provide both shade and privacy to your outdoor living space, installing an awning that can be extended to create vertical walls may be beneficial. One simple and creative way to create shade and privacy is to invest in custom rollup blinds made from bamboo.

Construct a simple frame to cover your patio, then measure from the point where the roof of your frame meets the exterior wall of your home to the edge of the roof line, and then from the roof line to the ground. Adding these measurements together will allow you to create blinds that will provide a roof for your patio, while allowing you to raise or lower the blinds to create customized walls for your outdoor living space.

Finding creative ways to create an awning will help you better enjoy your patio in the future. Talk to a company like Lehman Awning Co for more help.