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Taking A Tree Out Of Your Yard? Three Things You Can Do With The Hole It Leaves Behind

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If you have finally decided to remove a very large and very dead tree from your yard, you may be very pleased with this decision because it will remove something that constantly attracts all kinds of pests. However ready you are for the tree to be gone, you may not be ready for what the tree leaves behind. Most tree removal services will help take the tree out of the yard, but they generally do not address the gaping holes left behind. Some might fix this problem and fill it in with fresh dirt, but it usually costs extra. Instead, you might want to consider one of the following three things you can do with this hole after the tree is long gone.

Turn the Hole into a Sandbox for the Kids

You could easily take some wooden boards that are pretreated for outdoor projects, construct a frame to fit around the hole, and then secure a tarp liner inside this box-frame before placing it over the top of the hole. Now you can fill in the tarp-lined box with sand and let the kids play in it. Just be sure to use a big enough tarp so that it can sink down into the open hole but still remain secure to the insides of the sandbox.

Use the Hole to Jumpstart Your Koi Pond

Since most koi ponds start as holes in the ground, you would have to do a lot of digging to get the pond started anyway. Now you can just take the hole left behind by the now-absent tree and edge it out a little to fit the plastic pond shell. If your tree removal service also had to remove some very long roots, you can use these old root paths for the water hose that will fill the pond and regularly feed it with fresh water. Then all you need is the pump, some Koi, and a little water vegetation to make an old tree hole look like a pretty place to meditate and watch fish.

Use the Hole to Install a Sunken or Elevated Garden

Perhaps you have been dying to install a sunken garden but just did not have the space or the motivation to start? Now that that old tree has been removed, you have the perfect spot to construct a sunken garden--or elevated garden, depending on your preference. You will need to use a spade to even out the edges, and you will need more dirt to raise some areas of the tree hole to a more uniform level. Then you are free to plant whatever you like and frame the area however you want.

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