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Smartphone Projectors: Three Uses, Including Two You May Not Have Considered

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Just about everyone has a smartphone these days. Did you know that you can use yours as a source for large-scale images when coupled with a smartphone projector? Here are three ways you can put a smartphone projector to use, including a couple of creative ones you may not have thought about.

Movies, TV, and Photos

Of course, the obvious use for a smartphone projector in the home is to show movies, television shows, and photos, replacing many older devices. These projectors, which range in price to suit just about every member of the family, are a great (and compact) alternative when you don't have a TV in every room. And with smartphone apps for every type of video streaming and photo sharing, your cell phone and a projector can become an entertainment center unto itself.

Home Office

For the self-employed or remote worker, a smartphone projector can be a wise investment if you hold meetings in your home office. You can put up slides or video shows where everyone can see them, rather than trying to cluster everyone around a computer screen. Smartphone projectors are also ideal for displaying large-scale images, such as artwork, blueprints, and Gantt charts for projects.

Wall Art

If you enjoy adding a bit of creative flair to your home decor, a smartphone projector can make intricate wall painting a breeze. Whether you're adding stencils to your living room wall or painting cartoon characters in a kid's room, you can use your projector to display images on a wall. Simply trace the image with a pencil, and fill it in with paint. You don't have to have any artistic ability to fashion beautiful tableaux on your walls.

Tips When Choosing a Smartphone Projector

Since smartphone projectors can vary greatly, here are some things to ask about when purchasing one:

  • What is the image quality like? You want sufficient resolution, whether you're watching a film or tracing a wall stencil.
  • What is the magnification? Some projectors only double or quadruple the size, which may be fine for kids watching TV but not for looking at art or grown up films.
  • Do you need an HDMI cable to attach your phone?
  • Can you charge the unit while using it? Can it operate on batteries without being plugged in?
  • What is the sound quality of the projector's speaker(s)? Will you need a separate USB or Bluetooth speaker to hear well?
  • What kind of surface do you need to project images onto? How big does it need to be, and how far away does the projector need to be?
  • How dark does the room have to be to get a decent image?
  • Can the projector connect to other devices, or is it limited to smartphones only?