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Pest Control Supplies That Should Be Standard In Your Garden, Yard, Garage, And Shed

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Pests of all kinds will seek out quiet places with a food supply and take up roost there. Mice, rats, voles, moles, shrews, and squirrels love your garage and shed, especially if you keep seeds and bird feed there. Spiders will fill out every vacant space they can in which to spin webs and catch bugs. Other pests, such as insects that like to destroy your garden, will march right in unless you do something about it. Here are some pest control supplies that should be standard in your garden, yard, garage, and/or shed, if applicable.

Rodent Traps

You can use rodent bait traps with poisoned pellets in them, or you can use live traps. The bait traps will draw the furry pests away from your bird seed, flower seeds, and other garden seeds. The bait traps will also effectively kill the pests so that you do not have a breeding colony in your shed or garage. You can also use live traps, but typically the problem you will encounter here is releasing the traps in a place that the DNR will accept and pre-approve for re-release. Sometimes you can take the live traps into a wildlife sanctuary, which may be an option if you do not like killing the pests.

Electric Bug Zappers

Flies, mosquitoes and other obnoxious insects with wings are easily destroyed with the use of an electric bug zapper. While this may seem harsh, the alternatives are pesticides that can harm the environment and/or leave dangerous residues. Erect an electric bug zapper near every port of entry so that the lights outside these doors will draw the pests to the zapper and eliminate them before they enter the garage, shed, or house.

Pesticides for Fruit Trees and Garden Plants

Nobody likes to think of pesticides coming near the produce you plan to eat. However, if you do not spray the fruit trees and produce plants, you are going to get worms, larvae of different pests, and other nasty things eating your fruit, veggies, and herbs. Ask a gardening or pest control specialist from a company like ASE Pest & Weed Supplies what is the least toxic chemical you can buy as a food pesticide. Then buy that and store it in your garage or shed.

Perimeter Control 

Perimeter control are pesticides you can sprinkle on the ground around an area and they keep pests out. For example, you can sprinkle borax around the foundation of your home and other buildings on your property. Any insect pests that try to cross through the powder, such as ants, house centipedes, etc., immediately die on contact with this substance. You can also buy perimeter control products in the form of pellets, which stay put and do not rinse away in the first rain storm after they are applied.