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Real Or Faux | What You Need To Know About Wood Floors

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Wood floors are a popular flooring choice and have been for hundreds of years. With the advent of modern technology, however, engineered wood floors are also an attractive possibility. While both work well, it is important to know the differences between real wood flooring and engineered wood floors to make the best decision for your home. 


Both hardwoods and engineered wood floors are durable choices that will last a long time. Hardwoods will dent and scratch over time as items are dropped or dragged across them. Luckily, hardwoods can easily be refinished over and over. They are simply sanded down to remove any imperfections and refinished with the stain and varnish of your choice. 

Engineered wood floors consist of a thin veneer of real wood over a solid base. They are less likely to dent and scratch but, if they do, they can be refinished at least once to revitalize the surface. 


Engineered wood floors contain a sliver of real wood and are available at a sliver of the cost of real hardwood floors. If cost is an issue, engineered wood floors is an acceptable and beautiful choice for any homeowner. 

DIY Options

Hardwood flooring needs to be stained and varnished with sanding between each coat. It is a laborious process that requires expert skill and knowledge. Engineered wood floors, on the other hand, are pre-finished, making the installation process much simpler. A relatively handy person can install engineered wood floors with a few simple tools and a free weekend. No need for sanding. 


Both types of wood floors require a light hand with maintenance. Like most wood products, they do not like to be wet and require just a light dusting as needed. 


Every manufacturer has a different record for eco-friendly production. While both hardwoods and engineered wood floors consist of real wood, they have been cut from managed farms and their harvest should not affect the environment. Engineered wood floors could affect the air quality as there is the possibility of outgassing due to the adhesive used to bond the material together. Conversely, hardwoods are an all-natural product. 


The ability to refinish hardwood flooring in a few decades when you want to stain it a darker or lighter shade is a nice option. Engineered wood floors do not have that flexibility over time. 

Both hardwood flooring and engineered wood floors are beautiful,and the average person cannot tell the difference by looking at them. Your choice should be based on personal taste and where you are installing the product.