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Are You Expecting A Grandchild? 3 Reasons Why A Lampe Berger Oval Gift Set Is Perfect For New Parents

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Life with a new baby is amazing, and being a grandparent means that you get to spoil the new parents along with the little one. While most new baby gifts tend to center upon the layette and essential newborn gear, you've got a chance to make the new parents in your life feel extra pampered. Over the next few months, they'll have beautiful moments that are often mixed with a few baby-related messes. Giving the new parents a Lampe Berger oval gift set gives them these benefits that will make raising a newborn even more enjoyable.

Blend Odor Control Into Any Decor

Many home fragrance products come in dispensers that are not very visually appealing. Boring cones and plug-in styles might detract from the decorating scheme that the new parents have in mind, and giving a basic air freshener is not very gift-worthy. A Lampe Berger Oval Gift Set includes a beautifully designed fragrance diffuser. The soft, round lines of the lamp blend into the surroundings while adding a touch of elegance to the room. You can also explore different colors of lamps or go for a clear style that works with any decor.

Neutralize New Baby Odors

New parents are often dismayed to discover that most baby odor control products come in scents that are less than savory. Not every parent loves the scent of baby powder wafting through their home. This gift set comes with options for truly lovely grown-up scents that new parents might prefer. The fragrances also use a method called catalytic diffusion to break up the molecules that create bad odors. This has the effect of neutralizing those diaper smells instead of just covering them up.

Inspire Relaxation

Certain scents have the ability to help new parents and babies relax during those stressful sleepless weeks. Consider pairing the dispenser with a fragrance that is meant to help people de-stress. Filling the air with the scent of citrus, lavender, and eucalyptus can send signals to the new parent's brain that it is time to relax. Or, you can provide them with a fragrance that evokes memories of exciting times. A gift set that has a fragrance meant to smell like an ocean breeze can give the new parents in your world the opportunity to re-experience the bliss of summer vacation while they look forward to when they can take their little one to their favorite destination.

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