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Details To Confirm When You Buy Colored Mulch

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When you shop for mulch to place in your garden, around your trees, or elsewhere in your yard, one of the decisions that you'll need to make is what color of mulch you want. While some homeowners favor a product that has a natural appearance, others find that colored mulch is more visually appealing. Your local garden center almost certainly has colored mulch in several different hues. You might find red, black, and dark brown, for example. If you're leaning toward buying colored mulch because you believe its appearance will enhance the look of your yard, there are a few details to confirm before you make your purchase.

Pet Safe

If you have pets that spend time in your yard, you'll want to confirm that the colored mulch you plan to buy is rated as pet safe. A dog, for example, will often dig in your garden to some degree. If you're planning to put mulch down in this area, you can be confident that the animal will come in contact with it — and you want to be sure that this contact will not be harmful to your pet. Many colored mulches are created with dyes that are safe for pets. Red mulch, for example, often gets its color from iron oxide dye, which is not a concern for animals.

Color Longevity

It's important for you to realize that colored mulch will fade to some degree over time. For example, black mulch may lighten to the point of being dark gray. This fading won't generally be a concern, but it never hurts to inquire about the longevity of the color. When you look at certain colored mulches, you'll sometimes see information about how long the color will last.

Exact Color

At some garden centers, you'll see pictures of different colors of mulch when you place your order, but you won't necessarily see the mulch itself. This can especially be true if you're buying a bulk order that the garden center will deliver rather than a few bags that you'll take home yourself. In this scenario, you'll want to confirm the exact color. For example, red mulch can vary considerably due to several factors, ranging from reddish-brown to reddish-orange. If you have a specific color in mind — perhaps one that will match the bricks on your home — it's useful to ask to see the color of the mulch before you buy it.