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How To Help An Above Ground Pool Frame Last Longer

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Steel-framed above-ground pools are less susceptible than other metals to corrosion and other forms of damage that shorten their lifespan. However, there are still things you can do to help your new pool last as long as possible. Stretching a few extra summers worth of fun out of your above-ground pool is easier than ever with these tips.

Cover or Disassemble for the Winter

Many above-ground pool kits can be disassembled in the winter, which offers the most protection to the metal of the frame. Check the manufacturer's instructions to see if this is an option for your particular model. Above-ground pools that are larger and not meant for draining and disassembly should be covered in the winter with a cover that extends over the sides of the pool. This will limit how much moisture reaches the outer sides to affect the frame. A heavy-duty cover should last multiple years, making it a worthwhile investment if it extends the lifespan of the pool's frame by even a single summer.

Prevent Heavy Loads

While covering the pool is generally a good idea for the winter if it won't be drained, watch out for water, ice, and snow accumulation on top of the cover. This presses down on the pool's frame and can lead to crumpled, bent, or collapsed frame pieces. Watch out for what's accumulating on top of your covered above-ground pool and make sure to clear it off regularly, even if it's just rainwater building up. Keep a small pump on hand to remove liquids from the cover when necessary, along with an extendable handle snow shovel or rake.

Trim Grass and Weeds

Grass, weeds, and leaves piled up around the sides of the pool are a recipe for damage. Even snow that piles against the side of the pool can melt when the water warms up on a sunny day, leading to corrosion on the frame over time when the protective coating begins to weaken. For a long-lasting metal frame, keep everything away from the sides of the pool. Use a weed trimmer in the summer for clean-up around the frame and shovel the snow away in the winter if any builds up. Good air circulation around the outside of the pool also ensures that any splashes of chlorinated water evaporate quickly. The chlorine in the pool's water can be particularly damaging to the coating on the frame, but it's harmless if it gets a chance to dry rapidly. 

For more information about above-ground pool frames, contact a local company.