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What Is A 4-Point Home Inspection And Do You Need One?

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When you have a home inspection done, it's usually done to help in the process of buying or selling the property. A four-point home inspection is something you may come across, and it's helpful to know what this type of home inspection is and what it's done for.

What is a four-point home inspection, and do you need one? Here's a guide to help you learn more about this process so you can see if it's the best value for your needs.

What is a four-point home inspection?

A four-point home inspection is a very thorough home inspection that is commonly done when a home is being bought or sold. It covers the HVAC system, roofing, plumbing, and electrical aspects of your home. It's a more in-depth home inspection than your more traditional once-over of a home inspection and brings a lot of value to the person who is getting it.

You can elect to have a four-point home inspection done at any time, or you can be required to have one done in order to obtain home insurance, sign off on a home purchase, or even sell your home. Costs vary for this service depending on how large your home is and any additional factors that come into play, such as a secondary structure like a mother-in-law's apartment or garage needing to be inspected as well.

Do you need a 4-point home inspection done?

You may never have to have a more extensive home inspection done, but odds are you may run across this need at some point in your home ownership future. Your four-point home inspection may be required in order to get home insurance for the value of your home. If you've purchased an auction or foreclosed home, then you can use a four-point home inspection as a guideline as to how much work you need to have done on the property (or you can use this inspection to determine if any property you're looking at is worth investing in).

In the end, a more detailed four-point home inspection can be valuable to you and help you get the most protection for your investment. Your home inspector will give you a detailed report of their findings that you can use to find the value of your home, get home insurance, and do other things that can benefit you greatly. In the end, a four-point home inspection can bring great peace of mind to you. 

For more info, contact a local company that offers 4-point home inspections.